Websocket getting disconnected after displaying -'"Webscoket.Exception.connection.close.Ok :received 1000 (ok); then sent 1000 (ok)"

I am using the upstox python api V2 and have been facing the issue of websocket disconnection. This is happening since monday this week. The websocket runs fine for almost 2hours and then it gets disconnected automatically displays this error message – "Webscoket.Exception.connection.close.Ok : received 1000 (ok); then sent 1000 (ok)
I also have screenshots of this event.
My UCC is 7NBWLU. Please help.

Thank you for contacting us. Could you kindly provide the precise time and screenshots? We will investigate the issue and inform you about the outcomes of our analysis.

I am uploading all the screenshots I have since 27/12/2023.
On 29th December 2023, It happened at 3:06PM.

On 28th December 2023, It happened at10:58AM.
On 27 December 2023, It happened at 1:38 PM, 1:59PM, 2:34PM.
The error message is "Webscoket.Exception.connection.close.Ok : received 1000 (ok); then sent 1000 (ok))