Charts are giving wrong information

Pls check both the image. Bank nifty high on 5 min. time frame is 48479 while on 1 hr time frame , It’s 48416. 60 points difference. Why upstox is paying more for tbt data if charts are still giving wrong info.

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Appreciate your observation.

Regarding the above screenshot shared by you, the difference in the high values on the 1-hour timeframe was due to the candle being in progress and not concluded.
Further, our team is thoroughly looking into different high value in 5-minute chart.

Rest assured, the high values for both the 5-minute and 1-hour chart timeframes are accurate as of now as visible in below screenshot. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

Regarding TBT, it’s essential to note that it’s captured solely for trading activities and not applicable to indices.

Thank you for your understanding!

Thankyou for the reply.
I agreed your point but why Upstox chart is still not performing as good as other brokers. Today, At the same time, I have checked,Zerodha, Dhan and Trading view . At all places I got the correct chart but only Upstox chart was in process and not concluded.
I have raise this same problem previously also. But there is no proper feed back. I can share this kind of problematic screenshot almost 2-3 days in week.
Also, Sir, Please let us know about the product update. Is Upstox going to provide calenderview for PnL, traders diary or not. New year is going to start. I really like to trade with upstox but due to these things only, I am still using Dhan.

Hello @Thestoploss,

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will internally review this with the team. Kindly share the ticket ID where you raised your concerns; it will aid in our debugging process.
Regarding Traders Diary and calendar view, rest assured, we’re actively working on these features and plan to launch them soon. If you have specific preferences or requests, please let us know.

Stay tuned for updates!

No specific preferences. Just wanted the required things and which are available with every other broker in the market. Currently, not able to check daily P&L at a glance. So, Please let us know when to expect calender view of trades and PnL.

Hey @Thestoploss,

Our team is actively working on this development, and we are committed to providing you with a timeline shortly. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and announcements. Thank you for your patience and interest.

Let’s Hope that it will be available for us very soon. Because in Starting Nov. of 2023, I got the same “very soon” Reply.