Changing automatically to limit price from market price

When I put to buy RHFL shares at “market price”, it is changing to “target price” automatically after some time and cancelling the order end at the end of the day. I tried several times but I failed to buy … may I know the reason why it is?

Hi @moonapallavi,

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Please note that if you have placed a market order in a stock which is in upper circuit (which was the case in the stock you had selected yesterday), then the order type will get changed to Limit order with LTP taken as as Limit order price.

Let us know if you still have more doubts, thanks.

In this case how to buy! advise me in step wise

Hi @moonapallavi,

You will have to wait for the stock to come out of the Upper Circuit (where the price goes below the upper circuit) and also wait for the seller’s availability. Hope this helps.