Change in Stock Price from Previous Day's Close in Real Time

In Uplink API, in the ‘Get full Market Quote’ Section, there is function for retrieving net change of the ticker, but I found it giving wrong values, I want function for how much stock has moved form the previous day’s Close in real time ??
Is there any function available for that?? If so, pl. provide me the link or if not, then I request the developer to add this functionality, it will be helpful in many ways for us.
Thank you

We will review the net change values on our end. Currently, no functionality is available to directly obtain the net change, which is not included in our roadmap either. We will convey this information to the product team.

Alternatively, You can retrieve the 1-day candle data using the Historical Candle API and obtain the closing point from there: Upstox API Documentation. With the latest LTP from the market quote, you can calculate the change as needed.

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