Close of Future data daily candle

Hello Team,

I am fetching Futures data at 4 PM after market close, and yesterday I got the below data,
Closing was shown as 46613.35 in API data,

Whereas candle data shows different,

Is there any time when we should fetch data for correct information?
I am sending a curl request to this endpoint,

$url = ‘’.$commaSeparatedString;

The chart on our platform and the API market quotes are both driven by the same data source. However, the contracts shown in the screenshots you provided differ. You should receive identical data through the API as you do on our chart platform within the app.

Could you provide the complete curl request including the token? This will enable us to assist you more effectively.

Hello Pradeep,

Seems something is wrong at the end of the day,

  1. Below screenshot I took at 4 PM yesterday, and closing was at 47598.95 for NSE_FO|36611 - BANKNIFTY24MARFUT

  1. My database also shows the same closing number, after I import at 4 PM.

Now, when I see charts today for yesterday’s closing, it shows a different closing. 47578

Is there any adjustment time happening for this? What is the ideal time to get fetching data which shows real final closing?

Below is curl request …

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiO......'

Hi Patel,

I am having an issue when typed the same in my command prompt getting curl: (3) URL rejected: Port number was not a decimal number between 0 and 65535
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: Bearer
curl: (3) URL rejected: Bad hostname

Can you please help me in how to resolve this issue?

Your insights might hemp me.

Thank you,
Santhosh Utla

Hello Pradeep,

Today’s (3/3/2024) API fetch results,

Can you send me screenshot of Postman curl request?

@Jigar_Patel Thank you for pointing this out.

I have just verified (late night around 11:08 PM) with the web chart and the API, and both seem to be consistent. I will review this again in tomorrow’s 4:00 PM scenario and update you accordingly.

@Pradeep_Jaiswar , Thank you for checking,
Currently, data seems ok, even today at 4PM, it shows correct data.
I will update you if any discrepancy seen again.

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@Jigar_Patel Thanks. Let me know.