Availability of Upstox API

Hi Team,
I am evaluating Upstox Platform for my trading requirements.
I am wondering about the availability statistics of Upstox API.
Please share the statistics for past one year.

If there is a downtime, Will there be a notification to the users ?
What is the channel for notification ?
Please share the link with me to see all past notifications.

Thanks in advance.

I started integrating upstox api’s last week but the problem is with their support and documentation. Its not that easy to integrate their APIs . Also if you have some problems you will get delayed answers. I am still waiting for them to answer to one of my questions. I am also approaching them to see if they have paid service, since the api is free i guess they dont much bother. May be if they have a PAID service, I thought of paying them so I get my requirements fulfilled.

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Hi @Subrahmanyan,

You can view the performance and uptime of Upstox Service on the Upstox Status Page - https://status.upstox.com/

You can check the status of Order Placement, Market Data and Developer Platform among others on the page.

Also to add, the APIs are stable and being used by lot of individual developers as well as multiple business out there.
Regarding any changes or important updates, we keep them informed via mail, announcements and changelog.

UpLink Announcement - Announcements | Upstox Developer API & UpLink Changelog - Changelog | Upstox Developer API

You reach out to community anytime if you face any issue, we strive to resolve maximum queries as early as possible.

The documentation has been upgraded over the time considering the feedback of various developers and businesses and have been carefully been balanced to cater to multiple audiences.

You can view some Sample Codes on the documentation as well to expedite your integration.

Hope this helps.

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@AbhishekRathore Thanks for the detailed reply.
The status page looks good.

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