Videos are not available in the webinar registration link

I registered for the Basics of Stock Market masterclass on July 7th and received the registration confirmation. After the event, I checked the link and noticed that there is no video for the concerned topics and only a two minutes audio recording is available. Please look into the matter and do the needful to provide the video which includes the demo for the Upstox App. I need Upstox demo video to learn all features in the app to use it more productively.

Hi @5LB5SW ,

We did not have any session on 7th July. Kindly share with us the link you want access to :slight_smile: .
Also note, recordings will be available only if you have registered for the event.

Happy learning!

As I stated in my previous request, I registered for the masterclass on July 7th and the event ( Basics of Stock Market) conducted on Saturday, July 22nd, 11.00am IST. If you need, I will forward the confirmation email for your reference.

Oh okay. Now I got it! The event you mentioned above was cancelled and hence you can’t access the recordings.