Forgot to register of “Everything on Options Buying” by Chirag Shah sir

Dear sir
I was forgot to register of last session by Chirag sir on “Everything on Option Buying” 3rd June 4:30 to 06:30pm
Please provide me the replay for that topic.
I have upstox account 3PAD3J.
I just started trading.
Please sir arrange that replay for me.
I will be gratefully to you.


Hey, we’re so glad that you’re interested in starting your option trading journey on Upstox. We always encourage customers to learn and upskill before they begin trading.

Currently the recap for this session is only available to users who registered. But our next session is happening on 11th June 2023. Don’t forget to register for it here — Investor Masterclass - Upstox

In the meanwhile you can also refer to our offline self-studying course on option buying here: Option Trading 101 - Upstox.

We hope this helps:)

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