Uplink error code summary

Can we create a summary of error codes please? I am getting UDAPI100026 while trying to place order and there is no clear indication of what is causing it.

I am using the python sdk and here is a sample request

<class ‘upstox_client.models.place_order_request.PlaceOrderRequest’> {‘disclosed_quantity’: 0,
‘instrument_token’: ‘NSE_FO|52927’,
‘is_amo’: False,
‘order_type’: ‘MARKET’,
‘price’: 0,
‘product’: ‘D’,
‘quantity’: 50,
‘tag’: ‘whatever’,
‘transaction_type’: ‘SELL’,
‘trigger_price’: 0,
‘validity’: ‘DAY’}
Exception when calling OrderApi->place_order: (400)
Reason: Bad Request

Hi @Ankit_Agarwal,

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Could you please share your UCC so that we can look into this in detail?


Is it safe to share here ?

Also that’s just an example there is no error definitions anywhere.


We are actively working on including the error codes in our documentation and anticipate they will be available in upcoming releases.

The error code ‘UDAPI100026’ you encountered signifies a problem in our backend APIs while processing your order request. The associated response also provides an error message, indicating a “Bad Request” in this instance.

Providing us with your UCC will aid in further investigation using our logs.

Thank you!