Error while placing order

url: ‘’,
data: ‘{“quantity”:1,“product”:“I”,“validity”:“DAY”,“price”:0,“tag”:“string”,“instrument_token”:“NSE_EQ|INE528G01035”,“order_type”:“MARKET”,“transaction_type”:“BUY”,“disclosed_quantity”:0,“trigger_price”:0,“is_amo”:false}’.
and here I am able to place orders I want to know the order price view.
like by default when I punch yes bank 5 rupee required is this trading price as in app only show same I think its working.
but when I want to buy option like Nifty -50 : “NSE_FO|41638”,“41638”,“NIFTY2430722400PE”,“457.75”,“2024-03-07”,“22400.0”,“0.05”,“50”,“OPTIDX”,“PE”,“NSE_FO”
the required amount should be in 3,000+ but its is requesting me 60 rupees .
explain me how can I buy options

@shanmu @Pradeep_Jaiswar