Error in price while Order Punch

when I buy a delivery order ,limit order of instrument_token: “NSE_FO|39089”,
which is “NSE_FO|39089”,“39089”,“FINNIFTY2431221000CE”,“18.15”,“2024-03-12”,“21000.0”,“0.05”,“40”,“OPTIDX”,“CE”,“NSE_FO”.
the current price is 79 rupee when I place order then the required amount says me add 79 rupee not 3180 as per lot.
what required changes are needed to be done there
@Pradeep_Jaiswar @shanmu

@vinod_mokashi This shouldn’t have happened. We have not encountered the same issue with other clients.

Could you please place the order again and provide the client ID and order details so we can investigate?

@Pradeep_Jaiswar , this was due to quantity in multiple of quantity should be added I thought it is based on Lots . after 1 hour I solved it .
I got reply after 3 days
Thank You very much