Understand the relation between OI (Open Interest) and IV (Implied Volatility)

OI is high - IV is high - The view is Market will continue in the trend (Bullish or Bearish)

OI is high - IV is low - The view is Market trend will reverse (if Bullish reverse to Bearish, if Bearish reverse to Bullish)

OI is low - IV is high - what is the view?

OI is low - IV is low - what is the view?

Do we have to consider this at the Strike-Price at which we are planning to take the trade (call or put)? Please explain

When OI is low, IV is high, there is a very uncertain event that may make the market move either side, very fast. Eg: Elections or Budget.

When OI is low, IV is low, market will be in a tight range with nothing major happening in the near future.

We should look at IVs of ATM options.

Hope these answers solve your querry.

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Thank you for clarifying my query

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