Unable to generate access token

I am getting response 401 while accessing my access token. Here’s a snapshot of my code.
![deleted screenshot])

Kindly help me rectify it. The assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Generating an auth code and generating accessing tokens using the auth code is a three-step process. The first two steps must be completed in a web browser:

  1. Perform Authentication: Access detailed instructions at Perform Authentication .
  2. Receive Auth Code: For this step, visit Receive Auth Code .
  3. Generate Access Token: Finally, to generate the access token, refer to Generate Access Token .

You will receive the auth code on the Redirect URL URL in the second step, which needs to be used to generate an access token in the third step. It is unclear from your screenshot how you got the code.

I recommend reviewing the documentation to grasp the process better here Authentication | Upstox Developer API

I trust this information will be helpful, too.

Please refrain from disclosing sensitive information, such as secret keys or auth code, on public forums. I’ve noted the error details and will be removing the image you attached.

Hii Pradeep,

I’ve followed all the necessary steps and have also managed the accounts of other family members successfully by generating access tokens using the same process. Strangely, while their access tokens were generated without any issues, I keep receiving a 401 response when attempting to generate mine.

Kindly look into the matter