Server is crashed

Hello ,
when i login and render to another pages like, profiile then the server is been crashed
here is the error.
data: {
status: ‘error’,
errors: [
errorCode: ‘UDAPI10000’,
message: ‘This request is not supported by Upstox API’,
propertyPath: null,
invalidValue: null,
error_code: ‘UDAPI10000’,
property_path: null,
invalid_value: null

Node.js v20.5.1
[nodemon] app crashed - waiting for file changes before starting…
please tell me what should i do , i have managed to make it in try catch mode
waiting for correct solution

The error code mentioned is generated by the Upstox API when the request format is incorrect or if there are missing or incorrect values in the post or header values. Could you provide the specific curl request or sample code you’re using to call the API for further assistance?

yes i was entering wrong format code request and it be solved .