Scam in the name of upstox international accounts

Hi guys there is a scam going on in the name of upstox securities, where they introduce them self as upstox staff. They ask you to join the community group where they suggest you to buy UC stocks, block trading and IPO recommendation. The app looks same like other apps. Shows exact and accurate details. In Start they give you greediness of bonuses, withdrawals and deposits will be very smooth. They ask you to vote for CIO Dr Aravraj gupta as some international stock competition is going and he distinguish him self as Chief investment officer of upstox securities which is completely bogus and fake. Be aware of this app as its newly trending in market which i completely lost more than 5lakhs. Thought of sharing to others as a awareness. App link
Stock :warning:.

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Hi @wasiqahmed1,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and sharing your experience.

We urge all our users to stay vigilant against such scams. Upstox never asks for personal details or investment recommendations through unofficial channels or groups. Always verify the authenticity of any communication claiming to be from Upstox.

1. Official Channels: Ensure you are interacting only through our official website and mobile app. Do not click on suspicious links or download unverified apps.

2. Verification: Verify the identity of anyone claiming to be an Upstox representative by contacting our customer support directly.

3. Reporting Scams: If you encounter any suspicious activity, report it immediately to our team at

We are deeply sorry to hear about your loss and appreciate your effort in warning others. Your security is our priority, and we are committed to taking all necessary measures to protect our users.

Stay vigilant and safe.

I have been joined in one of the groups. Please confirm if this official group or some scam.

Hi @Rishabh_Sharma, thank you for contacting us.

The given screenshot is not associated with Upstox and currently, we do not have any official group on WhatsApp. As a precaution, please refrain from sharing your personal information with individuals who claim affiliation with Upstox but are not associated with our organization.

You can report any suspicious activity by sending us an email at and reach out to the Cybercrime Department here:

For more information about our official website and social media channels, refer to the link: 🚨 Beware of fake Telegram Channels impersonating Upstox - Upstox

Additionally, we request you share the WhatsApp group link here so that we can investigate further.

very big fraud before to Month i join the group name Champions Counterattack Battle VIP2 crate by dr,aravraj gupta introduce him self as upstox international adviser and participate international stock competition

and more then large number of people including jion the Group and deposite more then five lacs of depositin this app for trading and now the Told us for pay 15% tax first deposite thane after withdarwl the amount

Hey @kaushik_Kaneriya,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The screenshot and link you provided are not associated with Upstox. Please do not share any personal information with individuals or groups claiming to be affiliated with Upstox if they are not verified.

To report any suspicious activity, please email us at and contact the Cybercrime Department here:

For information on our official website and social media channels, please visit: 🚨 Beware of fake Telegram Channels impersonating Upstox - Upstox

Stay cautious and safe.

Hello Everyone,
Like some of you here, I fell prey to such a scam in the name of Upstox and have a lost a large amount. Unfortunately, I could not check this thread because for me things started on 25th May 2024. Below are the details:

  1. I came across a WhatsApp channel name in Facebook for investment in stocks via Official Upstox Community (the frauds used the name of Upstox).
  2. After joining the channel namedA105 Upstox official stock community (group admins: +91-95027 05319 and +91-91059 87997), they asked me to vote for Dr. Aravraj Gupta, the chief investor of Upstox for some competition.
  3. After I voted they credited Rs. 4,000/- to my account and asked me to participate in an IPO by investing Rs. 1,30,000/-.
  4. They promised with 5 IPO subscription, I will get 500% return.
  5. The above promise was true; I invested in 5 IPOs (around Rs. 25.78 lakh), checked their share price in Google and indeed the share prices increased.
  6. Afterwards, I denied to participate in IPOs and rather expressed my interest in UC stocks only.
  7. At this point of time, money inflow from my bank account stopped to them because I already had Rs. 1.02 Cr. which was enough for intraday UC stock tradings.
  8. I asked for withdrawal last week; they cited that your credit score is less, so you must pay some money boost the score. Now, I paid the Rs. 1.2 lakh as the last amount on 4th July 2024 and created 3 withdrawal applications for a total of Rs. 28 lakh.
  9. Then all communications in their WhatsApp channel and 2 so-called dedicated customer service numbers (+91 75794 48433 and +91 72478 07969) stopped responding from yesterday.
  10. The website still works, but it will stop soon.

I have raised a complaint with Cyber crime department. Please spread this awareness so that someone else will not fall prey to the seamsters.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, @SwadhinMangaraj

As a precaution, please do not share your personal information with individuals claiming to be associated with Upstox, but not a part of our organization. If you notice any suspicious activity, please report it by emailing us at To find our official website and social media channels, visit

If you require any other assitance feel free to reach us here.

today even i scammmed such community already I lost huge money in their hands so must unite together fight against

Even I lost huge amount to one of the grp in the name upstox, they claimed to provide international services with app or web link

WhatsApp Group:

Hi @Harish_Kumar, thanks for reaching out.

The screenshot isn’t linked to Upstox, and we don’t have any official WhatsApp groups.

Please don’t share personal info with anyone claiming to be from Upstox.

Report suspicious activity to and the Cybercrime Dept:

For our official channels, visit: 🚨 Beware of fake Telegram Channels impersonating Upstox - Upstox

Also, could you please share the WhatsApp group link for investigation?

@vishalchawda pls check this quickly

Hi @Harish_Kumar ,

Thank you for sharing the WhatsApp group link with us. We have shared this with our team internally for further investigation.

I came here today on this platform to inform that I have also been frauded a huge sum of money by this people. I have already registered a complaint with the cybercrime department. They lured me in some WhatsApp group by giving me chance to be a VIP member and enjoy the benefits of few recommended IPOs by telling that I will get them at a discounted rate and having returns of 600%. Also, I was told to vote for some international stock competition and vote for Dr. Avaraj Gupta, CIO of Up Stox and this voting will be going on till 5th August. After I deposited the amount, because initially some high returns were shown to me so I thought it was authentic, IPOs were registered in my account. After I was trying to sell, I was told that it has got a holding period of 15 days. But suddenly all their communication were cut off and now their website is unavailable.
I am requesting Up Stox to take action against them as I am seeing many people are being frauded by them.

Hey @ranjitkumarkundu,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience. Upstox is not affiliated with the individuals or groups you mentioned. We do not offer VIP memberships, discounted IPOs, or voting competitions.

To find our official channels, visit: :rotating_light: Beware of fake Telegram Channels impersonating Upstox - Upstox

Please continue working with the cybercrime department. Additionally, email any details or screenshots of the fraudulent communications and link to that WhatsApp group to This will help us address the issue and prevent further incidents.

Your safety is our priority.

Thank you for your vigilance and cooperation.

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