Request to add use of CPR indicator in future and options charts

Dear Team,

I have been an upstox user since long and new revamped user interface and app is phenomenal, thanks for making trading easier for us.
Below are my few requests:

  1. Please add Central Pivot Range (CPR) indicator applicable for future and options charts either in trading view or chart IQ charts. I have checked few other broker platforms where they have this feature enabled.
  2. Please provide desktop/ algo trading platform like dartstock for better trading experience.
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Hi @Ankit_Sharma,

Thank you for your feedback!

  1. We are happy to inform you that we already have the Central Pivot Range(CPR) indicator on ChartIQ. Please search with the full name.

  2. We do have something planned for our users who like to trade via desktop applications. Stay tuned to the community announcements, we will keep you updated!

Hi @Ushnota ,

Thank you for your response!!

I am aware of the fact that we have CPR in ChartIQ and i am already using it but it is not applicable on future and options charts and only applies on stock and index chart. My request is to make it applicable for future and option charts of stocks and indexes.

Glad to hear something is planned for users who like to trade via desktop app.

Hi @Ankit_Sharma,

It is available for future and options. You can refer to the relevant screenshots attached for the same. Please note that this is Android 5.0, the latest app version.

Hi @Ushnota ,

Thanks for clarifying it , i have not updated the app.

Looking forward to have more such cool features in the near future.

Keep up the good work , Cheers !!