Question on Historical data

I am fetching the historical data for backtesting. And I am seeing only values till last day.
For example,{instrument}/day/2023-11-24/2023-09-15

I hit the above link on 24th Nov 6 PM, and I am seeing data only till 23rd Nov.

I had to hit the Market Quote to get the 24th closing OHLC data. Is that the only way? Or am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks for your response in advance.

Thank you for getting in touch. Could you please provide the curl command you’re using and the response you’re receiving from it?

For instance, the following curl command for the RELIANCE instrument_key is working correctly for me and returns data up to September 15, 2023:

The last data point (candle) received is:


Hi Pradeep,

start date is fine, I mean the recent data points (end date).

“2023-11-24T00:00:00+05:30” - Does this means recent data will be added only next day.

Let me refine my question, if say I hit this url tomorrow, at 6 PM (post market closing time). I only get the last date date which is 24th Nov and not 28th data.

The Historical API is categorized into two distinct sections: ‘Historical’ and ‘Intraday’. The ‘Historical’ section provides data from past days, while the ‘Intraday’ section is designed to deliver data specifically for the present day, known as ‘intraday’.

To retrieve data pertinent to the current day, the use of the Intraday API is recommended.

For more specific instructions on how to access intraday data, please refer to the Upstox developer guide on the Intraday API.