Positional price avg discrepancy

I am seeing that when we fetch the positional information on a day when multiple Buy/Sell trades have happened, we get the buyPrice/ sellPrice to have a multiplier value multiplied to it.

For example, as below,
1/ We were in Buy position at Start Of the Day
2/ We sold the instrument to exit Buy Position
3/ We Sold the instrument again to Enter SELL position

In this case, the “sellPrice” as per definition says, “Average price at which quantities were sold” was supposed to have the avg of trades executed on point 2/ and point 3/ above,
but instead it was multiplied with the multiplier.

Now, according to me, the Positional price would be “The Avg price at which the order was executed”
So, how do I get this information once a new position is created?

Can you please explain @Pradeep_Jaiswar

Thank you for contacting us. We will connect with the relevant team to verify this information and will get back to you with an answer.

HI @sathya, this can be attributed to lot size of the above instrument. 1 lot of CRUDEOILM FUT 19 JAN 24 has 10 quanity, hence the multiplication.

Hope this helps.

Hi Abhishek
I understand that the multiplier value is coming from the lot size.

What I need to understand is that why the sellPrice field is doing this multiplication?

It is supposed to just be the final sell price of that latest executed sell order right?