Not getting expected response from api market-quote/quotes

Dear Team,

I’m currently encountering an issue with the API endpoint ‘market-quote/quotes.’ Instead of receiving the response as described in your documentation, I’m getting multiple values for both ‘buy’ and ‘sell.’

To illustrate this, I’ve attached a screenshot showing the response I received and a reference screenshot from your documentation.

I’m seeking guidance on which values I should use for ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ in this scenario. Your assistance in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated.

@rahul1, My apologies for the confusion earlier. You will be provided with distinct depth data for both the buying and selling aspects. I suggest making use of the elements within the “buy” and “sell” user depth in the following manner:

depth => buy => [objects]
depth => sell => [objects]

We’ll update the document to align with the API response accordingly.

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Let’s say if I want to post an order of buy or sell, I don’t know which price I will get order on because I’m getting multiple values in the array of buy and sell inside depth object. (Actually I want to see what’s the current buy and sell price before ordering)

@rahul1, the “last_price” field signifies the most recent Last Traded Price (LTP), representing the price at which the last buy and sell transactions occurred for the stock. This essentially corresponds to your most recent buy and sell prices for the stock.

Regarding “depth,” it signifies the other trading orders available for both buying and selling. When you place a buy order, it will be matched with the existing sell orders in the order book, and vice versa.