Not getting order updates on webhook

Hi, we are not receiving order updates on our webhook. Can you please check?

@Pradeep_Jaiswar @shanmu
User ID - 6LAVQ8


Thank you for getting in touch. We will check with the help of the client ID and get back to you.

Hi Pradeep,
Can you please support us in this, it’s quite urgent.


It appears that we did not get a reply from the webhook endpoint within the allotted time frame. Could you please verify if there was any delay in your system around the time the orders were made?

Thank you!

Yes Shanmu, Can you send a sample cURL request? I didn’t get any timeout error for the request I am testing on.

@PrakshalGangwal, we’re currently analyzing the issue and the possibility of increasing the timeout. While we do that, could you please check the entry point load balancer or CDN log for any timeouts?

@Pradeep_Jaiswar thanks, Can you please provide with the exact status code you received? We don’t see any 504 (gateway timeout) on our load balancer.

@PrakshalGangwal We have 1 second waiting period for the webhook to process and reply. In this case, the post-back took more than 1 second. As mentioned in the previous discussion, we are exploring options to extend the timeout period beyond 1 second.