Modifying GTT order to include Trailing SL

Ok, need to do something like this…

Scenario 01…

Buy a call option with a GTT SL and Target
Once the price moves into a safe zone, i want to modify the GTT order, updating the SL, perhaps moving it upto the purchase cost.

Also, I would want to 1. Start a trailing SL and/or 2. Remove the target.

How do I do this safely? Please help.

Scenario 02…

Buy a call option with a GTT SL and NO Target (perhaps 3 lots)
As I reach a good price, i want to sell 2 lots, but keep 1 lot to sell at a higher rate(if I see the price moving).

Please advise how. I want to do this maintaining the SL or the trailing SL.


Welcome to Upstox Community, @Kunal_Sen

In your first scenario, you can customize your order at your desired price using a GTT (Good Till Triggered) with Stop Loss and Target. Please note that modifications are only possible for orders that have not yet been executed. For more information on how to modify a GTT order, please click here - Is it possible to modify a GTT Order? - Upstox Help Center

In the second scenario, you can place a GTT Stop Loss without setting a Target price. However, you will need to place two separate orders: one for 2 lots and another for 1 lot. For detailed information on GTT orders, please explore our FAQs at this link - GTT order - Upstox Help Center

If you require any other assistance feel free to reach us here.