Login automation not working due do cloudfare human testing

Why login flow was change without informing API devlopers , what is the alternate way to do autmation, or login page through API should be different

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Same issue here

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Hi @admins

Will if possible to disable CAPTCHA for url with valid api-key ?

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Hi Team ,

Can you please provide solution for this . when I am trying to login via selenium for my algo its failing and unable to auth the cloudflare as well. If is ther anyway to disable for upstox api login for fetching the code value.


Our team has fixed this issue. Request you to please try logging in again. If you face any issue please share a screenshot along with your UCC ID and we’ll get it checked. Thanks!

Now getting 500 Request Aborted error while login

Same issue. My client id is AQ555


I am using headless chrome from Linux (AWS)

do you know an acceptable user-agent string for upstox login page? currently i am using
'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/44.0.2403.63 Safari/537.36'

Hi @Raghav, @prsh and @deeeepak,

thanks for connecting with us. Rest assured, we are looking into this.

How a running production enviornment changes without any prior information

Is there any solution . still I am getting 500 for the headless browser login for my algo. Can you please fix asap.

Hi @janikrana , @shanmu
looks like Cloudflare captcha is blocking a headless chrome from triggering submit event.
I suspect Cloudflare is detecting headless chrome as bot
I have DM you the code, Please help with it.

Are we three four guys the only ones facing this issue? Why are we suffering from past three days in spite of having a perfectly working code for months?


same here , automation not working , doing it manually for now. hopefully theyll have a solution

Again getting 500 aborted issue while logging in via api . Can yu please check .

Its not at all stable in last few days … I am getting issues in every alternative day.

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Wow!!! I am able to login through api today. Thanks for correcting the issue.

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I am able to login too. Thanks Upstox api team for fixing it. :+1:

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How did you managed to work using headless? If you can help me that will be greatly appreciated.

Please resolve this issue ASAP

i think upstox set limit 1000 request per day after that device gets blocked