ISIN missing in PnL API response

PNL API response has ISIN missing for options data -

Example response -

{‘buy_amount’: 2530.0,
‘buy_average’: 50.6,
‘buy_date’: ‘25-08-2023’,
‘isin’: ‘’,
‘quantity’: 50.0,
‘scrip_name’: ‘NIFTY 28 Sep 2023 CE 19950’,
‘sell_amount’: 1312.5,
‘sell_average’: 26.25,
‘sell_date’: ‘22-09-2023’,
‘trade_type’: ‘OPT’}

API called. -

@Ankit_Agarwal, I appreciate your contact. At the moment, the response for the options does not include the ISIN value.

The ISIN value is being retrieved correctly for equities. Let me know if you see the same issue with equities.

We will inquire with the content team to determine if it’s possible to provide the ISIN value for the underlying stock in case of options.

It works for stocks I guess.

Is it possible to include buy and sell order IDs in this response as well if not ISIN?

Without ISIN, it is bit tough to associate this with other data points such as orders and hence it becomes really tough to find ways to see which strategy is generating what level of PNL.

Acknowledged. I will forward this to the appropriate person for their review.

I’ll keep you informed if it receives prioritization and is added to our roadmap. Your patience is greatly appreciated.