Data not as mentioned in documentation: Put/Call Option Chain

Following: Put/Call Option Chain | Upstox Developer API

One of the element:

            "name": "NIFTY",
            "segment": "NSE_FO",
            "exchange": "NSE",
            "expiry": "2024-02-22",
            "weekly": true,
            "instrument_key": "NSE_FO|35549",
            "exchange_token": "35549",
            "trading_symbol": "NIFTY 19800 PE 22 FEB 24",
            "tick_size": 5,
            "lot_size": 50,
            "instrument_type": "PE",
            "freeze_quantity": 1800,
            "underlying_key": "NSE_INDEX|Nifty 50",
            "underlying_type": "INDEX",
            "underlying_symbol": "NIFTY",
            "strike_price": 19800,
            "minimum_lot": 50

But as mentioned in documentation it will provide:

      "expiry": "2024-02-15",
      "pcr": 1684.0638,
      "strike_price": 19500,
      "underlying_key": "NSE_INDEX|Nifty 50",
      "underlying_spot_price": 22122.25,
      "call_options": {
        "instrument_key": "NSE_FO|37263",
        "market_data": {
          "ltp": 2291.8,
          "close_price": 2259.9,
          "volume": 1200,
          "oi": 2350,
          "bid_price": 2292.85,
          "bid_qty": 50,
          "ask_price": 2302.25,
          "ask_qty": 800,
          "prev_oi": 0
        "option_greeks": {
          "vega": 0,
          "theta": 0,
          "gamma": 0,
          "delta": 1,
          "iv": 0

So please let me know how I can get the data as mentioned in documentation.
As per documentation data should include OI, Volume, ask, bid, ltp’s and greeks but in action these not returning.

@Swister1 Please try with below curl request as mentioned in the updated API documentation for option chain here

  • For option chain
    curl -L -X GET '${instrument_key}&expiry_date=${expiry_date}' \
    -H 'Accept: application/json'
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer access_token'
  • For option contracts
    curl -L -X GET '${instrument_key}&expiry_date=${expiry_date}' \
    -H 'Accept: application/json'
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer access_token'

Do let us know if this meets your requirements.


Fine, working,

Here you provide all data with Last traded price. But here you not providing net change of LTP as compared to previous day. It can be very helpful if net change is included with option/chain.

I will check this with the relevant team and get back to you.