Is historical price adjusted for corporate action?

Is historical price adjusted for corporate action?
When do that get adjsuted on the day of corporate action or later?

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Yes, corporate actions are adjusted on the same day.

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Hi @Pradeep_Jaiswar ,

I had requested this historical data for powergrid corporation.|INE752E01010/day/2023-09-30/2023-09-01

There was a stock split on 12th September 2023. But the response doesn’t reflect the corporate action.

Response has this data:

While, the adjusted OHLC should have been 195.85,197.05,183.95,185.55 . This data as per TradingView.

Could you please re-confirm whether the prices are adjusted for corporate actions?

The data above matches TradingView for September 12th. Please refer to the screenshot below for verification.

Currently, we only adjust for bonuses and splits.

HI @Pradeep_Jaiswar ,

Thanks for your time & reply.

Trading View chart would show two types of charts - One is Adjusted & the other Non-Adjusted.

Below chart shows Adjusted chart. (The highlighted text ADJ on the bottom right corner can be noticed.)

Attaching the other chart in a new reply.

The one below shows chart with price showing that of Non-Adjusted chart (the text ADJ won’t be highlighted in this image)

The OHLC as per Trading view for 12th September 2023 :
Adjusted Prices- 195.85,197.05,183.95,184.55
Non-Adjusted Prices - 203 , 204.25 , 190.65 , 191.30

Thank You.