Instrument master (MCX tick size data wrong)

In your instrument master, tick_size column is incorrect for MCX segment.

All segments show tick size in rupees (so if tick_size for SBIN is 5 paisa then your file has value 0.05 (means 0.05 rupees))

However, it is not the case with MCX (natural gas options for example has a tick size of 5 paisa, but your file shows it as 5 which is not uniform with other segments (it should be 0.05). See screenshot below:


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We will investigate this matter on our end and follow up with you soon.


  1. You can see using following sample link. All brokers give data as 0.05 for this contract & you are giving 5. See screenshot below:

  2. We provide automatic price tick size rounding feature in our system. Now due to this wrong tick size data, the rounding is not working. Hence it is important for us.