Indicators - RSI smoothing moving average

Hi Upstox Team.
As upstox is reaching on top, I know nothing is impossible for Upstox to bring for us.
One thing I wanted to know.

  • Is it possible to add more smoothing moving average in RSI Indicator?
    I use RSI with Moving average of 21 and 5 on chart IQ Charts but on trading view, there is only one moving average in RSI as default. I request you to please bring this thing for me. I know that this is not a common requirement but I still believe upstox for this little help.
    Screenshot attatched.

Hi @Thestoploss,

Thank you for your suggestion. We have taken a note of it and passed it on to the concerned team.

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Thankyou so much…

Few Months ago, I sent a list of approx 10 problems and left upstox. And Now I came back as promised because most of my problems are heared here and has been provided in new updates.

Hi @Thestoploss,

We are glad to hear that. Welcome back!

Happy trading :slight_smile:

Only few things left, Like, %PnL in position, Calender view or trading diary where we can check how our capital is doing through any graphical representation…

Can you plz update on RSI with two smoothing average ??

Hi @Thestoploss,

Thank you for your suggestions! Calendar view and trading diary features are launching soon, rest will follow too.