How to open tradingview chart from python


I want to open script chart to browser from my script in But it is not opening script that is specified in URL. For eg. Nifty Bank 48,156.75 ▼ -0.07% ( I am trying to open bank nifty index chart. but in my browser I had opened Nifty 50 chart earlier. So when I open Bank nifty chart URL from script it is opening Nifty 50 chart instead of Bank Nifty.

Same is happening in browser also. Please check this link of video

Hi @Jagdish_j_ptl , our team is checking this. Also, can you share the video directly here? It will help us to investigate better.

There is no option to upload video in comment section.

Hey @Jagdish_j_ptl ,

Please share the video here: Let us know once done. Our team will look into it. Thank you.

I don’t know why you are just wasting time to fix simple issue. I have already explained my issue and video is already posted as a link. you could easily download it and view it if you really wanted to help your customer. But seems like you are interested in wasting time. anyway I have filled google form as requested by you to waste more time. I hope now I don’t have to provide anything else.

Hi @Jagdish_j_ptl ,

please add this query param isFromPW3=true and open the chart.

Sample URL: Upstox

In case of any issue, feel free to let us know.