Facing issue while we trying to place order from our Upstox business Link

Completed steps

  • We got access for Multi client login for Upstox already.

  • we completed integration for login, get profile, funds as per your documentation and is worked well.

  • But when we place order using Uplink Business https://upstox.com/developer/api-documentation/#tag/UpLink-Business in Android WebView by creating html file with form as per documentation when submit through it.

    • It throws an error “Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: e.replaceAll is not a function", source: https://uplink.upstox.com/main~2bf68f3f~673ff6ce1c8743a16e4d.js (1)” and shows empty white screen

    • so we try another option to use place order through API, but it response an error to use uplink business for place order
      Can you please guide us on the correct way to integrate and setup the flow.

Hi @Yuvaraja,

Can you share the UCC and Business name for which you have received multi-client login.

Someone from our team will reach out to you.