Error while subscribing to Market feed websocket API

I am getting following error while subscribing to Market feed Websocket API.

ERROR [com.opt.tra.str.UpstoxQuoteStreamApiClient] (WebSocketConnectReadThread-152) Market feed connection closed by us. Info: Invalid status code received: 403 Status line: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

It was working till yesterday i.e. 3 June 2024

I think this is happening when I try to subscribe to multiple websocket connection so that I can fetch data for more than 100 instruments.

Is there any API limit introduced recently?

Thank you for providing the additional information.

Currently, it is advised not to subscribe to more than 100 symbols. We are working on an advanced websocket feature that will allow multiples of a hundred subscriptions. We can’t give any ETA as of now, but we will update this thread once it is in production.


I think issue is not of subscribing to more than 100 symbols but subscribing to more than one WebSocket market feed connection. But I have two separate applications so they both need different WebSocket market feed connection.

Is it possible to apply limit on number of symbols and not Websocket connections?
Also I have tried creating one additional API key to be used in separate application but I think limit is applied at user level and not API key level.

@Pradeep_Jaiswar Can you please clarify?