Discrepancies Between Trading Chart Data and WebSocket Data || Request for Verification and Rectification

Hi there,

I have recently observed a discrepancy between the data generated and the data displayed on trading charts. Could you investigate and resolve these issues?

instrument key and timestamp: MCX_FO|258982 1696438560000

As per chart: open price was at 334.40, whereas in WebSocket: 336.9

Refer to the attached reference:


Correct me If I’m missing anything.

Best Regards


Can anyone acknowledge this request? Thanks.


HI @tejap1199,

Our team is looking into it, we will reach out to you soon

Please refer to the screenshot provided below. The opening price on the chart denoted as 336.9, aligns with the opening price obtained through the WebSocket data feed. Could you please specify the source you are using to obtain the price data for these charts you shared?

I appreciate your prompt response and thorough diligence in verifying the request. Upon further examination, I discovered that I had verified the data on a different portal, not on Upstox.

Upon noticing the discrepancies, I immediately thought to bring it to your attention and did not verify the information before contacting you. I deeply regret any inconvenience my oversight may have caused. Your understanding and patience are truly valued.

I want to assure you of my commitment to accuracy and professionalism. I have taken this situation as a learning opportunity and will take extra care to avoid similar misunderstandings in the future.

Thank you once again for your attention to this matter. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your message, and I appreciate your thoughtful response. Your transparency is highly commendable.

Happy to help!