Delay of 5 seconds in order execution

Hi, I am using Upstox Node.js SDK and facing exact 5 seconds of delay in order execution of Market Orders.

I record timing in my system and then I compare with Upstox timing it’s exact 5 seconds gap. Because of this I don’t get exact price of that second.

In 5 seconds, 5-10rs get up or down in Banknifty.

Can I know why this happening?

I am also using Angelone API for slightly different strategy but it places order exactly at same second in which my system triggered it.

I also use Dhan, and it’s 1 second delay.

Can you please check when you received order and why it executed after 5 seconds? My system sent request exactly at 11:41:03 and in Upstox it showing 11:41:08.

In almost all orders of today it happened, exact 5 seconds.


Thank you for reaching out to us!

I acknowledge your concerns regarding the delay in order execution. However, I want to clarify that we do not have any specific delays in executing orders. The SDK is designed to function similarly to our API suite or the app. Nonetheless, we would like to investigate this issue further. Could you please provide us with more information such as the order number, your user ID, and the order execution time recorded by your system?

Thank you!

Hi sure.

User ID - GF6422
Order ID - 240703000378901
My execution time - 11:02:04 AM
Upstox execution time - 11:02:09 AM

This 5 second delay happening in all orders. Can you please check why it’s happening?

Upstox place order response time is 5 second. I log both time, just before order and at response of place order. Have gap of 5 seconds.