Default Order type selection when using "Instant Order Placement"

While using, can we have an option where we can select to punch “Delivery/Intraday” Orders?

There is no section yet where we can set the order type as Intraday or Delivery while using the function “Instant Order Placement”

There was a competitor who had this same issue so they implemented a dropdown checkbox menu to select default order type as “Intraday” or “Delivery”.

Can something be implemented for this?

Hi @khushboo can this be communicated to the team?

There no option to select “intraday or Delivery” as order type while trading with + sign of TV chart using “Instant Order Placement” feature. Maybe a dropdown menu can be given somewhere?

It will be really helpful!

Thank you for the suggestion! Will share it with our team!

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With ‘Instant order placement’, the order will be placed according to the last placed Order type. For instance, if the previous order was placed as Intraday, the instant order placement will also place the order as Intraday. @11.11

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Yes, Figured out the way to make it the required order type when started using TV Library. :slight_smile:

Workaround Steps to make it happen when using “Intraday Order Placement”

Instead of “Buy”, select “Create New Order” and then place the order type as “Intraday/Delivery”. An extra step while scalping but works to change the option.

My suggestion for a dropdown as a “Default order type” was to skip this step but it’s manageable without a dropdown too.

Thanks @khushboo :blush:

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Hi @khushboo

There’s a lil problem that I am facing while doing this.

As I trade in Commodity Options like CRUDEOIL too during the day, I do this workaround to make Delivery Orders (As Intraday Orders are blocked for CRUDEOIL) while using the option “Instant Order Placement”

While the workaround places all new orders as “Delivery” after this workaround, it makes it impossible to change the option to “Intraday” for NSE options with “Instant Order Placement” after delivery orders have been placed for CRUDEOIL. If someone forgets to change the order type to “Intraday” from CRUDEOIL and comes back to trade in NSE option, the new orders will be punched from what was selected in CRUDEOIL.

The new orders punched go as Delivery unless a manual order is placed which spoils the purpose of Instant Order Placement.

Attaching the GIF below for reference.

Screen Recording 2023-04-28 at 1.46.58 PM


  1. Placing a new order using “Create New Order” to make it as “Intraday” so that next order punches as Intraday while using Instant Order Placement.

  2. Placing new order using Instant order placement expecting the order to go as “Intraday”

  3. The new order getting punched as “Delivery” despite selecting “Intraday” from previous “Create new order”

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Hi @khushboo,

Can someone from the Technical Team give assistance on this?

As mentioned by you, Order type in “Instant Order Placement” is selected on the basis of previous order but this is not happening.

I place a delivery order to enable punching as delivery but it goes out as intraday when using the + sign to trade. This makes me unable to trade stock options using “Instant Order Placement” feature.

Screen Recording 2023-05-11 at 10.13.01 AM

Hello @11.11

You already have Instant order placement activated and trying to change the order type to Delivery.

Please disable ‘Instant order placement’ and change the order type as ‘Delivery’, and try to place order post enabling Instant order placement.

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Hi @khushboo ,

I replicated the steps you mentioned but it’s still not happening.

Screen Recording 2023-05-11 at 2.11.14 PM

May need a fix or a new workaround in the next build :slight_smile:

It will be helpful if you can communicate this to the technical team!

Helllo @11.11

Have raised this to the engineering team. They are working on it! Thank you for bringing this to our notice! Really appreciate it!

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Thank you @khushboo

I really appreciate the upstox team for massive improvements and upgrades from the past! I am happy to be back and loving upstox all over again! A new rise of upstox has begun!

Also, I really appreciate Upstox adapting to TV library when most brokers are resilient to upgrade their libraries.

As working with a TV library is complicated, these problems are bound to happen and I am sure the engineering team will be best at modifying them to suit our Indian market needs!

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Thank you for your kind words and boost @11.11! We are also lucky to have members like you :slight_smile:


I hope this will be implemented too. Really difficult to change order types while scalping fast. It doesn’t remember the previous order type selected.

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Yes @11.11 This is already a part of our future roadmap. Stay tuned and we will update you soon. As always appreciate your support and interest!

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