Data in intraday history API for nifty index

Data in intraday history API for nifty index has stopped fetching live data since 1:30PM today (28.06.2023).

Kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible

We are actively working on troubleshooting the potential problem internally. From our perspective, there haven’t been any instances of downtime or data problems with our service within the timeframe you specified and today.

To assist us in resolving the issue, could you provide us with the details of the curl request you are using and your response? Sharing the UCC would greatly aid us in debugging the problem on your behalf.

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Thank you for your patience on this; we appreciate it. We have resolved the issue and our team will revalidate tomorrow to ensure that it is still working correctly. Please let us know if you see this happen again or if you have any other issue.

Thank you for the update.
Now we are receiving data as expected.