Concern on Historical Data behavior

I was trying to fetch the historical data via API for past 6 months for Futures and I realized that the instrument key spans only across the months it is active for.
For eg:
NSE_FO|55317 which maps to BANKNIFTY24JANFUT only gives data for past 42 days with the oldest entry as “2023-10-27T00:00:00+05:30”

Now, my requirement is to fetch historical ‘BANKNIFTY’ daily data for past 6 months.
How should I proceed with this as the instruments tokens keep changing and even get removed from the instruments list when future gets expired.

We need continuous data based on trading symbol, which I believe is the right way to fetch the historical data?

Please guide me.

@shanmu and @Pradeep_Jaiswar

Your input has been acknowledged. We recognize the importance of continuous data for future use. Rest assured, continuous data collection is currently being addressed in our work. While I don’t have an exact timeline, a more precise estimate will be provided shortly.