BSE SENSEX now available for F&O Trading

Ready to take your F&O trades to the next level? In addition to trading in NSE’s NIFTY 50, BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY, you can now trade in BSE’s SENSEX on Upstox. With smaller lot sizes and expiry day on Fridays, BSE’s F&O Index contracts are an exciting proposition. Here’s all you need to know about them:


Lot Size - 10
Expiry date - Friday

Benefits of BSE’s F&O Index Contracts:

  1. Enjoy no transaction charges on BSE Futures trades

  2. Very low transaction charges in BSE Options trades

  3. Diversify your F&O portfolios with BSE-based indices to spread out risk

  4. SENSEX contracts provide stable trading alternatives to volatile stocks

  5. Convenient weekly expiries on Fridays, no conflicts with other index expiries

  6. High correlation with NSE indices for effective hedging and pair trading strategies

  7. Smaller lot sizes and lower contract values reduce risk exposure and margin needs
    BSE FO 2


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