Auto SIP fails each time at the step of Bank OTP

The Auto SIP completion fails each time at the last step of bank OTP.

I receive the bank OTP and enter it on NPCI website, but each time the website responds with Invalid OTP. Even though I am entering the 6 digit OTP as sent by the bank.

Has anyone faced similar issue?

Hey @sameer_siddiqui,

Thanks for connecting with us.

We’d like to look into the issue you’re facing.

Could you please share your UCC or ticket ID with us so that we can check this?

@vishalchawda could you tell me how to get the UCC, I don’t have a ticket for this, I had contacted the chat support they asked me to check with the bank, but Bank has sent the OTP

Hey @sameer_siddiqui,

We’ll get it checked and update you. Before that, please help us with your UCC.

To find your account UCC ID, follow these simple steps: How to check UCC ID on my Upstox mobile app? - Upstox Help Center

Also, if you don’t have a ticket yet, you may raise it here:


Hi @vishalchawda UCC is 33A8TH

looking forward to this resolution as I have been trying for past 3 days, but fails at the bank OTP step

Thanks for sharing the UCC, @sameer_siddiqui

Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly.

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