Are upstox APIs for mass market apps? Can one API key & API secret be used by a mobile app which is being used by thousands of people? Or each one of those users need to create one API key & API secret in order to use the APIs?

I am working on integrating Upstox APIs in my app. Currently, the app is being used by 30k users. If I create one upstox API key & API secret, will that work for all 30k users? Or do I need to ask those 30k users to create API key & API secret for each one of them in order to use the Upstox integrated features?

Hi @Abhijeetkharatmol,

Both the use cases are possible, let me explain

  1. If you have multiple users on your platform and want them to login via Upstox account, you can get a multi client app created (manually by Upstox team) and integrate UpLink Business in your platform.

Some links
UpLink Business webpage
UpLink Business documentation

On integrating UpLink Business, you will get exchange approval screens in the place, cancel and modify order flow. Example attached in the documentation. All the operations would be user driven on the screens itself.

  1. There is another use case, where if your platform would like to provide a certain degree of automation to the users, you can integrate the regular APIs - UpLink for traders and ask each user to create API Key and Secret. The process hardly takes a minute or two and is also free ofcourse.

Also, in this scenario since the user will have individual apps, they would be eligible for free brokerage till 29th Feb, 2024. TnC applied.

UpLink for traders - webpage
API documentation

So to summarise, the application of APIs will totally depend on your use case and what would you like to offer your users.

You can go through the documentation and details and decide as per your business needs.

Hope this helps.

@AbhishekRathore Thank you so much for the response.
Just a few more questions.

  1. I have a sub-broker account with Upstox. Does that mean I am qualified for Uplink Business account?
  2. Does that mean the backend team will create a multi-client app for me? Or any other process to be followed?
  3. Will the multi-client app have access to APIs like holdings import, positions import, profit-loss report fetching APIs that the regular API app has?
    Thanks in advance.

Hi @Abhijeetkharatmol,

UpLink Business has access to all the API. Only the place, cancel, modify order is restricted for which we have separate dedicated and exchange approved flows as mentioned in the documentation.

Any business or entity is eligible for UpLink Business. It is totally upto your use case as to what you want to integrate.

If you are looking at a user driven trades and order placement and not too much automation - we would recommend UpLink Business.

If you can share your UCC, one of my associates can call you and provide more clarity.

@AbhishekRathore Thanks again. My UCC is 166050.

@AbhishekRathore Please let me know an email id where I can request for a multi client app. Thanks.

Hi @Abhijeetkharatmol - let us know the right time to call you, we tried reaching but couldn’t connect. If you can share some time slots we will reach you accordingly.