Account balance difference

hi sir
my upstox id 427375
pls update my fund balance in my account.
after trading, on 22nd, my balance is 24k.
after transaction charges, it should be above 20k.
some body pls check my account and reply
thank you

i have found my balance is 12k. iam thinking this is mistake. pls check that

Welcome to Upstox community, @D_G_ARAVINDA_BABU

Upon checking, the credit bill was generated for the trades you have placed on 22nd May 2024. As 23rd May 2024 is a settlement holiday, the credit bill for all segments on 22 May 2024 will not be available for trading or withdrawal on 23rd May 2024. Learn more at Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions.

hello sir
i have found this account balance difference yesterday.
i have earned 1800 rupees, after broker charges it has to give 1000 rupees to my account.
i have not updated any settlement holiday update from you. why it is happened? pls credit my amount difference.

Hey @D_G_ARAVINDA_BABU , we’re here to help you.

Upon checking, the opening balance in your account on 10th June 2024 was ₹6,032.70. The gross return for the day was ₹6896.25. The brokerage charges applicable for the day were ₹580/- and government charges were ₹285.92/-. Hence, the closing balance in your account was ₹12,063.03/-. You can find detailed explanation in the ledger report here: What is a Ledger report and how do I access it? - Upstox Help Center & find pricing information at Hope this helps.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions.