About token API

If suppose I have 2 systems running at same time.

  1. python client to get instrument quotes and insert in DB.
  2. java client to manage the orders placement.

So in this case can I use the same token for above mentioned 2 systems or do need to create 2 different tokens with different apps?

if same token is allowed then on how many systems it can used?

You will need to utilize tokens generated by two separate applications. Could you also provide details about the use case you’re aiming to accomplish with two different languages? Specifically if it’s possible to achieve this using a single language.

I don’t know what to do now

There are two options:

First, consider using the same language and token for both tasks. This approach will streamline your process and suggested approach.

Alternatively, you create two separate applications and authorize them in two different locations. Note that you can only create a maximum of two applications at any given time.