Why i am i not able to take positions in illiquid option contracts?

I have been facing this issue like since long. The problem with Upstox is I cannot take position in most of the far dated options because it is illiquid. Where as i can easily take positions in such contracts with other brokers demat account. This is very very irritating.
Is there anything you guys can help me with

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Hey @Krishna_kant,

Please note that currently trading is restricted in Stock Option contracts with a volume of less than 100. Also, far OTM/DEEP ITM Stock Options contracts will be blocked as well for trading.

You can read more about it here: uptx.to/illiquidOptn Let us know in case you’ve any other query!

volume is more than 3000 at 9.20am but still order rejected due to illquidity . only happens in upstox. even if volume is in crores the order gets rejected .ex idea f&o . its more like u want traders to get restricted to certain stocks


Welcome to Upstox Community!

In order to avoid volatile market conditions, all stock options with trade volume less than 100 are put under illiquid state. You can read more here: https://uptx.to/illiquidOptn.

Do check and let us know if you are still facing the issue. Thanks.

2-april 24 10.15am …stock = ABFRL 250 pe is trading at 13 rs today with volume of 6.00 lacs & still not able to enter trade due to illquid options . im not able to take screen shot/sanp becoz the pop up comes for 1-2 secs under left bottom corner in upstox webpro.

4 april -24 10.10am stock ipcalab 1200pe option with volume at 42000 still showing not able to trade due to illquidity . screen shot for reference & bottom left corner u can see error popup .

this is happeneing very freequently as if u dont want u to trade wer we want instead u want us to trade wer u want . (wrt to strike prices even though there is volume )