Why I am getting this error - Your Trigger Price is outside the range of your Limit Price

What is the cause of this error message?
“Your Trigger Price is outside of the range of your Limit Price”?
The order type is market, the stock price is at 851 and the stop loss cover order is 848.85. So the stop loss cover order price is plainly lower than the current market price, and I’m wondering why I’m receiving this problem…!

This is a buy order cover order attempting to place in b/w 9 to 9:8 AM in the morning

Hi @Venkat,

Please note that cover orders are not allowed in pre-open session from 9 AM to 9:08 AM.

Try placing cover order 9:15 AM onwards.

Thank you for the specifics. Is it feasible to amend the error message description to read “CO order not allowed” or something similar instead of this error message, which causes so much uncertainty and unneeded anxiety?

Also, if I may, I have one more question. I have a stock in holding. I’d want to sell for a specific price and the see order should remain like a trigger, How do you do that? Assume there is a stock with 100 and I want to place a sell order for 110 that will not expire at the conclusion of trade every day. Currently, every morning I place a target-based sell order for my delivery stocks, which will expire at the end of the day.

Hi @Venkat,

Thank you for your suggestion regarding the error message.

For trigger orders, may I suggest you to try GTT orders where you can set a target sell order of 110, which will remain valid for up to 365 days.