When will upstox team roll out the update of same wallet for both equity and commodity

I heard it on twitter that upstox is soon rolling out this update of same wallet for both counterparts👍🏻 If possible can you give the roadmap for the update . I need this feature most since i use same funds for both equity and commodity. Currently i was thinking of switching to angelone or sharekhan since they provide this option. I hope upstox team rolls out this update as soon as possible as i like using upstox for its interface and all other features. Plz kindly look into this matter🙌🏻

Welcome to Upstox community, @Sahil6548

We’ve noted your request for a unified wallet feature, and our team is actively working on it. While we can’t provide a specific timeline right now, please know that we’re addressing this update. We appreciate your patience and loyalty to Upstox. If you require any other assistance, feel free to reachout to us. Thank you!

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