When instrument file get updated


I have downloaded the latest instrument JSON file, but I can see old expired future as well,
So my question is when this old expired future\options contract will get removed after its expiry?

The problem is that when I send a request for a quote based on this file, it returns nothing and my code does calculation errors, of course I need to handle those errors, but if these contracts get removed at certain, date-time that I would like to know,

Also today, because of this wrong instrument token is generated,

The below (NSE_FO|52220) token shows BANKNIFTY in JSON file,

Whereas when I request it via endpoint it returned HINDPETRO future,

Futures or options contracts that have expired are removed on the following trading day. The files are refreshed daily at approximately 6 AM and are updated throughout the day only if necessary, which is rare.

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