Whats the 6th field in Candle object fetched?

When I use intraday historical api

I receive a list of candles

Sample =====
“status”: “success”,
“data”: {
“candles”: [


What are the last two fields i.e. with value 36 and 135033 in the above sample. I assume the first 4 are OHLC in order.

Kindly locate the key mappings in the candles array. We will incorporate the information below in the document in coming releases.

  "data": {
    "candles": [
      "2023-10-20T16:52:00+05:30", ->timestamp
      72408, -> open
      72421, -> high
      72405, -> low
      72421, -> close
      36, -> volume
      135033 -> openInterest - For FNO

Thanks for such a quick turnaround… wouldn’t it be better if the returned data was json and had the field names included ? Though improving docs would do great. Most api return data fields are not documented. TIA

We acknowledge this, and we are in the process of creating updated documentation where the API response data itself serves as the documentation. We plan to release this updated documentation next week, and we will inform you once it’s available with the new template.

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@Gautam_Anand A new documentation has been released! Which now have the details about the response fields.

You can explore the details here:

I hope this helps.

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