Want to consume API service using UiPath

I want to consume API service using UiPath
Can anyone help me how can I get HTTP request .

@upstox support please call me

Akhtar Nadeem

Upstox does not support or recommend automation in light of SEBI guidelines.

To begin your integration, you can refer to the documentation available at

Should you encounter any challenges while integrating the API, please don’t hesitate to contact us for support.

Hi Pradeep,
What will value for below fields
Redirect URL and postback url

Can we connet on mobile.
Please share you mobile number or take mine

A redirect URL is a link you are directed to after successfully logging in with an authentication code. With this code, you can obtain an access token. This token allows you to make calls to all other APIs.

A postback URL is a link where you receive updates about orders through API pushes.

Please provide your contact number. A representative from our team will reach out to you.

Or anyone know how to connect throw c#

I checked in swagger but getting below error message

Substitute your client_d and redirect_url in the following link, and then open it in your browser. With the appropriate client_id and redirect URL, it should function properly:


If you continue encountering issues, please make a small video demonstrating the problem and share it here for more assistance.

Thank you for sharing the video. I’ve viewed the videos and noticed you are not following the correct steps. Generating an access token is a three-step process, as outlined below. The first step must be completed in a web browser:

  1. Perform Authentication: Access detailed instructions at Perform Authentication.
  2. Receive Auth Code: For this step, visit Receive Auth Code.
  3. Generate Access Token: Finally, to generate the access token, refer to Generate Access Token.

The response you’re receiving is a valid HTML login page that should be accessed through a web browser. Additionally, please be aware that the swagger URL may not function for you, as it’s set up with a different redirect URL.

I recommend reviewing the documentation to better grasp the process.

I trust this information will be useful.


Initiating authentication requires using the redirect_uri that you specified while setting up your app. The issue you’re encountering is due to an incorrect redirect_uri being provided. The redirect_uri must match the value you entered during the app creation process. Similar to how you’ve retrieved the apiKey from your app in the developer console, you can find the redirect_uri by clicking the edit button in your app’s settings.

I recommend thoroughly reviewing the documentation for detailed guidance. This will ensure a seamless integration process.


suggest me some redirect uri

A redirect URL is a domain address that you control, enabling you to receive the authentication code and use it for further processing.

For local development, using ‘https://localhost’ is sufficient to test your code. However, for production deployment, it’s necessary to have a registered domain URL that you can control. This allows you to access the authentication and generate a token from that redirect URL.

  1. I want to read 5 min candle data can it be possible. We can only see two option 1 min and 30 min.
  2. If I am using 30 min candle at morning 9:20 or 9:30 am its adding report of previous day last minute candle data as well in todays data.
  3. Do we have any option to read only today’s candle at every run even if we are running 9:30 or 9:40 am. it should not include previous day data into it current day even if we are running at 9:30 am in 30 min time frame

Currently, the 5-minute candle data is not accessible. For today’s candle details, please refer to the intraday API available at Upstox’s Developer API Documentation: Get Intra-Day Candle Data.

I am using indraday candle data only.

But my requirement is to fetch only current date data for last1 min or 5 min or 30 min.
But data should be coming only for current date.

Even if I am trying to fetch 30 min data at 9:20 is should not fetch (todays last 5 min data + yestrdays last 25 min data)

it means If I am calling at 9:20 am i need only last 5 min data
If I will call at 9:30 I should get last 15 min data only

Is there service upstox ka technical remote access krke api configuration kar ske .i can not kuch smj nahi aata kese hoga plz help

Intraday Candies offers comprehensive data for the current trading day, starting at 9:15 AM. This data is organized based on the timestamp, allowing you to categorize or cluster candles as needed. Additionally, you have the option to utilize the websocket, which provides real-time and one previous candle, enabling you to develop logic tailored to your specific use case

@R_Mehar Currently, there isn’t a service like that. The ideal starting point would be to familiarize yourself with the documentation available here.

Additionally, could you share more details about the task you’re trying to achieve using the Upstox API and any specific issues you’re encountering? This information will enable us to assist you more effectively.