VWAP indicator is not working properly

Hi Team @Upstox
If we use VWAP indicator on any option chart the chart gets converted into weired position.
As i checked with other brokers also but is working fine on them.
Can you please check this indicator.
One more query i have- if we use tv.upstox then is there any availability of upstox’s buy/sell window instead of tradingview?


VWAP is the main indicator I use for trading. I was planning to trade F&O on upstox and this error has made it impossible. I wonder how can a charting software give wrong signals.

Hi @amol_pawar,

Our team is looking into this issue. Will update you shortly.



I am also planning to start FNO in upstox but once this VWAP issue get resolve.


Hey Amol! I see you coming from that green logo broker community! Welcome here!

Apart from this WVAP issue (I dont use), most of the things are very stable here on Upstox! I am sure u gonna have a much stable experience here!

I have suggested a lot of features requests to @mike which are commonly raised by traders and they have it on their roadmaps too now.

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There is something wrong with their volume data. It seems all the indicators based on volume is giving wrong result.

Hi @amol_pawar,

The solution for historical data will be fixed, for tomorrow and in the future.

Both will be launched in a few hours. The glitch is only for July data and we’ll roll out the fix today evening in sometime.

Hope this helps!


Hi @amol_pawar, @Abhilash,

This issue is now fixed.

Do check and let us know in case you have any further query, we would be happy to help!


hi i am facing issue for indicator VWAP i can’t able to see reading on that showing nothing can you please fix it

Hey @Anurag_Jangam,

Could you please specify whether you’re encountering this issue on the mobile app, pro.upstox, or TV.upstox? Additionally, we kindly request you to raise a ticket, including a video capturing the issue, and share the ticket number with us. This will facilitate further investigation and help us address the issue effectively. Thank you.