Upstox SDK : Any Test Environment to build code

Hi Team,
Is there any test environment to which I can connect and build my trading algorithm? Building directly in the Live environment during market hours and playing with real money is very risky. Potentially, a bug can cause me loss.
I am looking for an environment which some virtual money so that I can build all the connectors and logic; test it thoroughly and then use the production app in the live market.

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your question.

At this time, we do not have a test environment or sandbox available for API users. However, if we do introduce such a feature for the Upstox API in the future, we will make sure to contact you and keep you informed.

Much required. Please consider getting a test evironment.

Same here. Need a test environment especially for placing orders, so that we can simulate the intended behavior without caring about the real money.


@Abhishek_Porwal @Amit_Kumar_Sharma We recognize the need for this request. Currently, it has been added to our backlog. We will inform you as soon as the sandbox environment is ready.


A sandbox environment will greatly help. Awaiting release…

@Pradeep_Jaiswar Any ETA :thinking:

you can create virtual order and simulate, keep a local db and create order and close order and calculate P/L, result will not be so accurate but it help you build the product without any real loss

We currently do not have an ETA. The status remains as mentioned below: