Upstox API Legal or not?

I am an individual trader , can i use live market data provided by upstox uplink api and analyse it and trade on the basis of that …i will place trades manually from upstox app …but i will analyse data from API by making some computer algorithms.

Is it allowed by NSE/SEBI ?
Do upstox have permission from nse to share live market data in API format to its traders and allow them to use it for trading purposes ?

Anyone from upstox team please confirm this …

Ensure that all data exposed through the API is legally compliant and has been authorized by the relevant regulatory authorities.

You are permitted to utilize the data provided by the Upstox API for analysis purposes and to execute orders through the app.

About the computer algorithms - Could you provide insights and use cases for specific algorithms? This information would assist me in understanding them more precisely and give the best suggestion for allowed/not allowed.

I trust these responses are helpful.

My algorithms will be based on open high low close data only …

Few examples includes patterns, vwap, ema, sma , deviation from mean, true range, mathematical functions like squareroot etc…

Question 1:
NSE sells realtime data to brokers and other screeners and allow them to use it for commercial purposes and sharing it to others.??

Question: 2
And as an individual trader are we allowed to trade on the realtime data that we are not purchasing from NSE but we are getting it from person who has purchased from NSE with commercial use permission. ??

If yes then upstox have permission to share this data in API format ?

Yes, both mentioned scenarios are applicable. As mentioned earlier, Any data made available via the API adheres to legal standards and has received approval from the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Really thanks for the answer …

One more question i have , analysis of data got from upstox api and then placing the orders through API is allowed by SEBI ?

Is this algo trading ? One article on upstox blogs is saying that algotrading is allowed for institutionals investors only …but some other articles on internet saying algotrading that brokers provide through API is permitted for retail traders…

Your inquiry has been acknowledged. I will pass it on to someone in the product team to provide you with the appropriate response.