Unable to place BSE_FO order from API

BSE_INDEX|SENSEX not working

(quantity=10, product=D, validity=DAY, price=0.0, tag=buyingCall, instrumentToken=BSE_FO|1123524, orderType=MARKET, transactionType=BUY, disclosedQuantity=0, triggerPrice=0.0, isAmo=0)

Getting the following error:
{“status”:“error”,“errors”:[{“errorCode”:“UDAPI100500”,“message”:“Market (M) orders are not allowed on this scrip.”,“propertyPath”:null,“invalidValue”:null,“error_code”:“UDAPI100500”,“property_path”:null,“invalid_value”:null}]}

Intraday trading and market orders are not permitted in the BSE FO as of now; you can confirm this through their web or mobile platform.

Consider placing a limit order instead.

Hey Pradeep, Zerodha has started allowing market order in Sensex, why Upstox is not allowing ?